I really struck gold when I switched my site over to Wordpress on ElegantThemes!

Hi, and thanks for checking out this free Google Sites template. 
You are free to use and modify this template for both personal and commercial projects. Attribution (footer link) is appreciated, but never required! 

If my templates are enough for you to create a good looking site, that's great! But I've found I actually wasted a lot of my time (and thus, MONEY) trying to make it work to the extent of having a professional-level site. 

I've been where you are: just starting out a new business and looking to set up a website at little to no cost, to avoid having to invest any money up front, before I could actually generate some revenue. But this attitude was hurting me in two ways: setting up a good looking site was taking much too long and the end result was not professional enough to convert my site's visitors into actual customers. 

These are some lacking features that drove me away from Google Sites for any serious work:

  • No image gallery feature
  • No contact forms
  • No CSS support
  • No premium templates
  • Slow development and bug fixing
  • No white-labelling: the footer always mentions Google Sites

I therefore set out to find an EASY, PRACTICAL and CHEAP solution to set up a professional website. 
After weeks of meticulous researching, downloading and testing different website platforms, I found out the most obvious answer was also the best: Wordpress may have started out as a user-friendly blog platform, but it is now so flexible and well supported it is the best choice for many website projects. 

The next thing I needed to effortlessly get a great looking website on Wordpress, was a great template
So, over a period of weeks, I checked out countless free and premium Wordpress templates. 
I found that one company in particular was offering awesome value for money, by charging a single, low price for their ever expanding collection of professionally designed Wordpress themes:

ElegantThemes offers an ever-growing collection of over 80 premium Wordpress themes for one low price. 

With ElegantThemes:
  • you don't have to choose and pay per template: you can use as many as you like, or switch between them
  • you benefit from the work of professional designers, at a fraction of the cost
  • you can set up a great looking website in minutes
  • you get unparalleled support
  • you're getting a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee